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The Olive Park and the Path


This terraced natural park, facing South is covered with a richly flowering meadow. The path winds through an area of rare natural beauty where ancient olive groves coexist with ones of more recent implantation.

Parco e sentiero dell'olivo
Lato sud del Monte Brè
6976 Castagnola

The Park of Villa Heleneum


This small floral jewel, situated in Castagnola on the shores of Lake Lugano, reserves many surprises with its rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Parco di Villa Heleneum
Via Cortivo 26-28
6976 Castagnola

The Belvedere garden


This is a fascinating walk that coasts the lake, winding its way up to the municipality of Paradiso. The Belvedere garden, at about half way, is a wonderful blend of nature and culture.

Lungolago e Giardino Belvedere
6900 Lugano

The Ciani Park


Overlooking the shores of lake Ceresio, its 63.000 sq. metres constitute the city’s green lung; it’s a quiet place where you can take nice walks and where it is impossible to remain unperturbed by the grandeur of century old trees. Detail

Parco Civico
Riva Albertolli, Lungolago
6900 Lugano

The Park of Villa Saroli


Not only is this park a leisure time area in the city centre, but it is also a small botanical jewel; in fact, its wide range of flora is a typical example of sub-tropical vegetation.

Parco di Villa Saroli
Viale Stefano Franscini 9, Centro città
6900 Lugano

The Tassino Park


Wide paths wind their way along the slope to the summit of the hill, where a tower stands out. From the square of the tower there is an amazing view. This area also features stone tables and benches to sit in the shade or enjoy a picnic as well as a large playground.

Parco del Tassino
6900 Lugano

The San Grato Park


With its 62.000 square metres, it has the greatest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the whole Insubric Region, in terms of variety and quantity. From the park there is also a stunning view on the immediate surroundings and on the peaks of the Alpine chain. Detail

Parco San Grato
San Grato
6914 Lugano-Carona

The Park of Villa Florida


The 5350 sq. metre park, was created re-utilizing many period elements, that still remained. Everything recalls floral Liberty style and nostalgically evokes the way of life of a long lost period.

Villa Florida
Via Gaggini da Bissone
6900 Lugano-Loreto

The San Michele Park


The park consists in a natural green area of 12000 sq. metres and offers one of the city’s most spectacular views. Its footpaths lead you to the discovery of typically southern vegetation.

Parco San Michele
6962 Lugano-Viganello

The Scherrer Park


A Greek temple on the shores of Lake Lugano, next to a Siamese teahouse, or an Egyptian temple?
“This park offers you the unique opportunity of taking an extraordinary trip through time and space, where past and present, history and nature co-exist in perfect harmony…”

Parco Scherrer
Vicinanze lungolago
6922 Morcote
Tel. +41 (0)91 996 21 25
Tel. +41 (0)91 986 00 00

The Park of Villa Negroni


The park is characterized by the presence of two very different areas: an Italian style parterre and a vast area in English style. Villa Negroni is one of the most prestigious villas of the region, both for its quality architecture and for the events it has been tied to from the beginning of the 18th Century

Parco di Villa Negroni
6943 Vezia